Public Library Leadership Education

See yourself leading an information revolution in public libraries?

The Public Library Leadership Concentration prepares MLIS graduates to positively engage with the range of opportunities facing the post-modern public library: extended community involvement, incorporation of emerging technologies, and pro-active advocacy for service populations.

This concentration prepares you for positions like these:

  • Library Director
  • Public Services Librarian
  • Adult Services Librarian
  • Coordinator of Library and Information Services
  • Information Services Specialist
  • Patron Services Manager
  • Outreach Coordinator
  • Young Adult Coordinator
  • Children & Young Adult Library Coordinator

The Public Library Leadership (PLL) Concentration is a credential which appears on your transcript, and is completed within the context of the MLIS program.

What should public library education look like?

We want to know what you wish you had learned in library school? and what do you wish your new colleagues were coming to the library already knowing? We can make it happen, just tell us what’s missing–and what should be retained. Make public librarian education better when you post in the comments field below.

Go to the UWM School of Information Studies website for more details.


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